Signup and Become an Affiliate


Rishtpusht is provding the best business platform through it’s world wide affiliate program. Now anyonce can selll our or their products through our global e-Commerce portal. We have two verticles for our business associates to start their business with Rishpusht one is Free Lancer Affiliates another is Seller/Vendor Affiliates.

Free Lancer Affiliates:

There are two types of Free Lancer Affiliates “General or Premium”. Anyone can join our Free Lancer Affiliate program in which they can promote or share a link on their social media accounts, whatsapp or any other platform. The diference between “General or Premium” Affiliates will be the payout, which they willl received in their accounts. Free Lancer can transfer the earned amount directly to their Bank Accounts throguh a single click.

Who can Join us as Free Lancer Affiliates?

Any employee looking for part time/full time work, house wives, MLM Networkers, Digital Marketing People, Doctors, Dieititians, Influence Marketers and shopkeepers etc.

Seller/Vendor Affilates:

Anyone can sell their own products through our e-Commerce portal. Rishtpusht provides a platfor to list your products in our global e-Commerce portal and sell then into India or Internation Markets. Promotion schemes are available according to your area of interest, desired customer (Indian, Asia Pacific or International/Intercontinetal) and Target Audiance (w.r.t Age and Tier I, II or III). Sellers/cendor Affiliates can advertise their products, promote festival offers or discount schemes by their own through seller accounts.

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